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15 Tips to Stop a Crying Baby in 15 minutes or less.


15 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby (In 15 minutes or less.) Imagine if one simple tweak to your baby's life would help you and your baby calm down. It would give yourself peace of mind, or as close as we can get. We all know how hard it can be [...]

15 Tips to Stop a Crying Baby in 15 minutes or less.2019-10-09T19:30:13+00:00

First Things First: Taking Care of Yourself with Healthy Selfishness


In the process of taking care of women for almost thirty years, I have found that my patients seem to put everyone else ahead of themselves on a fairly routine basis. It comes naturally to them, and many times patients cannot see this pattern occurring in their lives until it is brought to their attention. [...]

First Things First: Taking Care of Yourself with Healthy Selfishness2018-01-09T20:03:10+00:00

What is Bacterial Vaginosis and how to treat it


The three common vaginal infections with which women may contend are candidiasis (yeast infection), trichomoniasis (protozoan-caused and sexually transmitted), and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Of these, BV is the most common and compromises almost 80% of vaginal infections. It is now thought that BV can be sexually transmitted, though treating the male partner has not [...]

What is Bacterial Vaginosis and how to treat it2018-09-12T22:41:36+00:00

How Doctors Think


Jerome E. Groopman, MD wrote the book How Doctors Think in 2008. I saw Dr. Groopman interviewed on the PBS Lehrer Report shortly after this book was published, and I was fascinated by his reasons for writing it…so much so that I promptly bought the book and read it. He related how, in his teaching [...]

How Doctors Think2017-10-25T19:31:35+00:00

Use of Low Dose Aspirin in Pregnancy


As reported today in the Dallas Morning News and Austin American Statesman, an article will be published in the September 2016 edition of Obstetrics and Gynecology showing a doubling in maternal deaths in Texas alone between 2010 and 2012. Some of these deaths are attributable to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Therefore, finding ways to prevent [...]

Use of Low Dose Aspirin in Pregnancy2016-09-01T08:00:52+00:00

Carol and her mom and dementia


Agreed denial. That was our little dance — my mother and me — when it came to her health concerns. Her Parkinson's started with a pinky tremor. My adoptive mother — 50 years older than me, widowed, and fiercely independent — was determined to live alone. Then came heart disease, and the Parkinson's got worse. [...]

Carol and her mom and dementia2016-07-11T16:33:28+00:00

Smoking and Women’s Health


It's been 50 years since the Surgeon General released the first report on smoking and health in the United States. In that time more than 20 million Americans have died because of smoking. In fact, smoking remains the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and premature death in the United States. With each report, the list [...]

Smoking and Women’s Health2016-06-13T17:30:35+00:00

Has domestic violence affected you?


We often equate romantic relationships with consent — leading to the common misconception that sexual abuse cannot happen between individuals in dating relationships and marriages. But this is far from the truth. In fact, over the past two decades, there has been a growing body of research drawing the connection between relationship abuse and poor reproductive [...]

Has domestic violence affected you?2016-05-19T14:28:11+00:00

Menopause and Anxiety


There is a lot of information out there about menopause and anxiety. Are women feeling anxious about menopause? Or, does menopause cause anxiety? Is it a by-product of unpredictable hormones? How can a woman control her anxiety? Psychiatrist and UCLA anxiety expert Jason Eric Schiffman, a graduate of the MD/MBA program at the University of [...]

Menopause and Anxiety2016-04-25T14:08:10+00:00

The Many Hats We Wear


There are moments in our practice when Dr. Howell and I realize that some of our patients do not realize the full scope of what we do on a daily basis. I have seen more than one patient who needed a surgical procedure, and after a full evaluation and discussion about scheduling, the patient asks, [...]

The Many Hats We Wear2016-04-04T16:35:19+00:00